Roger took the time to help


I was given a task at work that I didn’t quite understand, but I assumed it was a common task in the printing world, so I started calling around to local printers. It turns out, I was not being successful with someone understanding what I was looking for. Until I got to Roger, he was trying to understand even though I wasn’t giving him much information & I was ready to hang up with him too, but he insisted we try and figure this out, don’t give up. He took the time to talk some more about what information I was given so he could decode it and figure it out and he did. He came down to our office the next day with an example of what he thought we were asking for & to clarify everything.  Because of that simple step of Roger just taking the time needed to help figure it out, I have used him ever since for all of our company’s printing needs, from 2008 & on.  He & his staff always work quickly to get us what we need, he even delivers it himself. I highly recommend Roger & Versatile printing. Even if it’s something they don’t directly handle, he likely knows someone in his network who can take care of it.

Angela – Intrinsic Therapeutics